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Thanks to all who participated in the 4th Annual Howl–0–Ween Parade & Costume Contest at the Alameda Small Dog Park! This year we had 84 entries in the costume contest and many more dogs attending the event.

Pictures will be posted online as they come in! (We love pictures so if you've got some, please feel free to send them in to If you have got a lot and can put them on a cd, that would be great too. Arrangements can be made to pick up the cd at the park. Send an email to let us know!)

Many thanks to our Judges for this years event! It's not easy to select winners from a large crowd of fantastic costumes, but they did it, and they did a great job!

  • Elizabeth Pinkerton –  Dog Bone Alley
  • Dr. Mary Applegate – Park Centre Animal Hospital
  • Bobeck – Bowzer’s Pizza
  • Robert Todd – Alameda Humane Society

And this year's MC, Jay Ingraham, former chair of Alameda's Parks & Recreation Commission. Thanks Jay, you did a great job!

 And all the local businesses that donated prizes for our event:

  • Club K-9
  • Park Centre Animal Hospital
  • Alameda Pet Hospital
  • Seiji Morikawa – Certified Pet Groomer
  • Providence Veterinary Medical Group
  • Pride & Pedigree Dog Daycare
  • Pawstures Dog Boutique
  • Holly’s Hounds Grooming
  • Tomatina’s Restaurant
  • Books, Inc.
  • Pet Lane & Pet Advisor Sally Ann Jessie
  • Mini-Knits
  • Dog Bone Alley
  • Doggie Styles in Mill Valley
  • See’s Candies

And last but not least, Thanks to the entire Small Dog Team for putting on this event:

  • Carrie (Frankie, Finn & Archie)
  • Jennifer (Eloise)
  • Christine (Holly)
  • Letty (Jack)
  • Irene (Betty & Rita)
  • Dawn
  • David (Max)
  • Shelley
  • Rebecca (Fiona & Janie)
  • Stephanie (Markie)
  • Adam (Sugar, Lupe & Magda)
  • Henry (Buddy, Miko, Scooter & Muffin)
  • Andy & Timothy (Elvis)
  • Holly & Charlie (Maui & Harley)
  • Robert
  • Nancy (Lilly)
  • …and more!

Here are this year's winners:



Winner’s Name & Costume:

1. Best in Show


Christine Johnson, her dog Holly & friend Shelley as "The Wizard of Oz"

Prize: 2 nites free boarding and gift basket
from Club K-9

2. Most Original Costume


Jennifer Cohen & Eloise as "The Tooth Fairy pulling the Canine Tooth"

Prize: Custom knit sweater from Mini-Knits

3. Best Dog & Person Combo Costume


Adam Parascandola & Sugar as "Pirates"

Prize: Free exam + shots from Park Centre Animal Hospital

4. Scariest Costume


Phil & his dog, Mr. Madison as "Spiderpug"

Prize: 2 free days of daycare from Pride & Pedigree

5. Best Homemade Costume


Amy Luong & her dog, Girlie as a "Kimono"

Prize: Dog Lover’s Guide to the Bay Area+ Providence Gift Bag

6. Best Ready-Made Costume


Yvette Myles with her dog, Tiger Charlie Murphy as a "Golf Player"

Prize: 25$ Gift certificate from Tomatina’s Restaurant

7. Best 2 or more dogs


Graeme, Murphy, Finn & Gunzep as 4 Dinosaurs. Owner, Thora Robertson

Prize: Free grooming from Seiji Morikawa, Groomer + Providence gift bag.

8. Funniest Costume


Vicky Leong with her dog, Buddy dressed as a "Chick Magnet"

Prize: Gift Basket from Pawstures, Lake Merritt

9. Most Creative Costume


Christine Johnson, her dog Holly & friend Shelley as "The Wizard of Oz"

Prize: Free exam & shots from Alameda Pet Hospital

10. Most Well-Behaved Dog in Costume


Brenda with her dog, Bing Bing dressed as a "Bumble Bee"

Prize: Howl-O-Ween gift basket

11. Costume kept on Longest


Holly Sportell with her dog, Maui dressed as a "Pirate"

Prize: Pet Lane gift certificate for $15

12. Best Costume for “Tiny” small dog


April Enos and her dog, Taylor as "Minnie Mouse"

Prize: Providence gift bag & picture frame

13. Best Child & Dog Combo Costume


Sarah Russell with Gizmo as "Mickey Mouse"

Prize: Doggie Styles Gift Basket

14. Best dog dressed as another animal


Karen Bell with her dog Gizmo as "Hugh Hefner"

Prize: Dog Bone Alley Gift Basket + certificate

Honorable Mention #1


Naomi with Liebchen, as "Sheriff & Indian Chief"

Prize: Picture frame

Honorable Mention #2


Zach with his dog Nick, as a "Fire Truck"

Prize: Picture frame

Honorable Mention #3


Jay with his dog Nani, as "Fifi Poodle"

Prize: Picture frame

Honorable Mention #4


Maureen King with her dog Willowby, as a "Gender Bender Princess"

Prize: Picture frame

Honorable Mention #5


John Weber with his dog Thor, as "Officer Thor"

Prize: Picture frame or See’s certificate

Honorable Mention #6


Erin McMullen with Joplin, as "Peter Pan & Tinkerbell"

Prize: Picture frame or See’s certificate

Honorable Mention #7


Alvin with his dog Sausage as "Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean"

Prize: Picture frame or See’s certificate