October SMall Dog!!

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I could not be happier with our little island girl, Maui. She is perfect in every way. She is a best friend, pup, and little infant rolled into one. She has been through a hard life starting, probably, since she was born.

First off let me say her name was Coco, but was changed to Maui because she is as beautiful as the island. Now this is her sad story that ends in happy tears.

She was force bred at the breeders. She and a male Boston were locked in a cage when she was still a puppy, with the intent to get her pregnant. Only so the breeders could pocket the money from her pups. I think of it as puppy rape. She had 2 litters of puppies before being old enough for motherhood. She killed both her litters because, being a puppy, she didn't know what to do or how to care for her puppies. The breeders were so mad that they couldn't make money off her, so they kicked her out and she was forced to eat grass and dirt and drink rain water. This to them was what she deserved, to starve since they couldn't make money off of her.

Tom and his wife (her guardians before me) heard about this and went to rescue her. Tom walked over to pick up her cage and didn't even feel the weight of a Boston Terrier, or even see her in the crate. She was so afraid that she hid in the back of the cage. He took one look at her; she was skin and bones. He got her home and as soon as possible wanted to get her out to let her see other people with loving hearts, and to see other dogs that were unlike her: Happy, Loved dogs. Of course, he took her to the Alameda Small Dog Park. She started coming up to people there, just wanting love.

Tom took her in when she was 18 months. He had two other Bostons that were your average Bostons, bouncy and full of life. They played so great with each other, but never would let Maui in the fun and games. She was pretty much the outsider. One day a thought came to him that maybe she should go to someone that could hold her all day and give her the attention she cried for. He asked his friend, Carrie to help him find a good home for her.

One day I over heard Carrie telling one of our dog park friends, Lisa, about Maui. I jumped in and said, "I WANT HER, I WANT HER!!!" I had been looking for a red Boston Terrier for several months. We came to pick her up one beautiful Monday morning. I was so excited. I just needed my wife to fall in love. The second Maui laid her head on Nuria, she was ours. My wife adores every inch of her. She is our new baby girl. She is amazing. Having her is the best. She fits so perfect into our family. She is still working on some fears, but her mommies have all the patience in the world for their little island girl.

~ Holly, Maui's Mom