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Many people have contributed time and money this year to keep the park spruced up and an enjoyable place to are a few of them:

  • Sandra (Bella's Mom)
    a truckload of chairs for the Howl-O-Ween party and the park in general!
  • Tom Schinauer (Rocky, Sadie & Cocoa's Dad)
    for much time & many tools donated to keep our park grass mowed and watered, and many other small but important maintainence jobs around the small dog park.
  • Garrison (Heidi's Dad)
    he also donates much time & effort to keep the park grounds looking good and safe for our little dogs!
  • Ernie (Carlo's Dad)
    for buying and planting the new pine tree by the "watering hole".
  • Melanie (Deuce's friend)
    for making the sign at the front gate cautioning people to open only one at a essential for the safety of our little dogs!
  • Vicky & Roy (Spike's Mom & Dad)
    for coming up with the idea to make "bone-shaped" signs to feature the new website address...and for making them so durable!
  • Carrie (Frankie & Zeke's Mom)
    for painting the signs and creating/maintaining the park website.
  • Ulrike (Winki)
    for painting the signs.
  • Linda (Johnny & Lucy)
    for buying printer ink & paper to print various special event notices & signs; supplying treats for the Holiday Party, more.
  • The Howl-O-Ween organizing committee
  • Stephanie (Markie's Mom)
    for creating the Dr. Fluff column!

Summer 2004
Thanks to the following people who donated their time & money to getting the Alameda Small Dog Park up and running!

  • Daniel & Maryann Montandon
    $20 contribution toward chairs for the park.
  • Dog Bone Alley (Elizabeth Pinkerton/Owner)
    donation of large Doggie Water Bistro.
  • Christine Johnson
    $250 contribution toward chairs, website development, plus miscellaneous administrative expenses.
  • Phil Callis
    $250 contribution toward chairs, website development, plus miscellaneous administrative expenses.
  • Dedication Ceremony Audience
    $50 in cash contributions turned over to Parks Foundation.
  • Carlos (Richard Pitto)
    $100 Donation to the Parks Foundation.
  • Janine Boehm
    $500 Donation to the Parks Foundation (agility equipment for the small dog park.)

Without lots of time, effort & money on the part of the following individuals and organizations we would not have a Small Dog Park (more about all this in Park History):

  • The Humane Society of Alameda
  • Alameda Recreation & Parks Department
  • Alameda Recreation & Parks Commissioners
  • The East Bay Regional Parks District
  • Jean Sweeney
  • Christine Johnson
  • Phil Callis